Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting ERP Software: #3 Limited Involvement from All Departments or Locations

by John Stucky

Have you recently decided that your organization needs new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software? Now what? What are the next steps? How do you have a successful search? This new blog & video series explores the top four mistakes to avoid when selecting new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Today, I'm discussing mistake #3.

#3 Limited Involvement from All Departments or Locations

Every organization has one department or one person who has a dominant personality. Don’t allow that person or department to drive the entire process without getting involvement, feedback, and buy-in from everyone else. Solutions today are more integrated than ever, so they're going to impact and touch more areas of your organization than perhaps your old solution.

In one of our past projects, we experienced how limited involvement from all locations can have unexpected repercussions. We worked with an organization to meet their requirements and demonstrated our solution. We learned they had a second location—a manufacturing facility they had acquired a few years ago. When we inquired about  the workflows and processes for that location, the answer we received was: “They do it just like we do it.” Well, as the implementation started, you can guess what happened. When we went to that second location we learned very quickly they didn't do it at all like the headquarters. They even used separate metrics and separate financial reports privately to run their shop!

As your organization searches for new software, be sure to get buy-in from every location in every department. It might seem overwhelming, but you'll benefit in the end.

Stay tuned for the next post when I discuss Mistake #4: Not Knowing Your Partner.

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