Tip: Paste from Excel into Microsoft Dynamics GP

by the TrinSoft Dynamics GP Team

A nice time-saving function that came with the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 was the ability to copy journal entries from Excel and paste them into the proper corresponding fields in Dynamics GP.


First, open Dynamics GP and navigate to the Financial Page and select “General” under the Transactions/Financial section as shown below.


Paste from Excel


This will open the transaction entry screen.  Within the window complete the fields in the top section including Batch ID (optional), Transaction Type, Transaction Date, Reference, and Currency ID if needed.


Paste from Excel


Next, in Excel make sure you have four columns in the following order Description, Account, Debit Amount, & Credit Amount (see below).  Copy from the first cell of the Description column to the last cell of the credit amount column as shown below.

(Note: The description does not have to be listed for each row.)


Paste from Excel


(Note: Do not copy the column headings.)


Back in Dynamics GP, place your cursor in the first account field, then at the top of the action bar select the icon that looks like the Excel button and says “Paste”.


Paste from Excel


Once the user selects “Paste” the data copied from Excel will be pasted into the Dynamics GP window.


Finally, review the JE to make sure that the accounts and dollar amounts are correct.  If the entry is in a batch you can save and then post the batch from the Batches window later; or if not in a batch post the entry now.


Paste from Excel


Tips & Tricks:

  • The debit and credit amount fields in Excel can be formula based as when they are pasted into Excel these fields will be recognized as static values.
  • The account string cannot be split among multiple columns. (Use the =CONCATENATE function to combine the segments as needed.)
  • Unit accounts and amounts can be included.
  • The Excel paste function only works with NEW journal entries; it is not possible to paste to a saved journal entry.


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