Tip: Email Setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP

by the TrinSoft Dynamics GP Team

The ability to email from Dynamics GP has been around since the 2010 version, however, recent releases with GP 2013 & R2 have significantly increased the power of the email tool and function within GP.  Let’s take a quick look at how to make sure your Dynamics GP is setup for email.

The first step is to enable the document email functionality in the Company Email Setup window.  Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> E-mail Settings


Dynamics GP Email Setup 


Within the email below the user can decide if they want the document to show in the body of the email (Embed Documents in Message Body) or if the document should be sent as an attachment (Send Documents as Attachments).  The user can also decide the different types of file format or formats to send their document.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Email Setup


The user can then select either hyper link to allow the E-mail setup of either the Sales Series or the Purchasing Series.  For the example below we have chosen to click on the “Purchasing Series” link, this will take the user to the Purchasing E-mail Setup window.  Here the user will need to make sure the “Enable” check box is marked.  They will also need to assign Message ID to the Purchase Order and Vendor Remittance options (if selected).  An Email can be provided to have all replies sent to directly (or multiple emails separated by a semi-colon).  Finally, decide if the user can change the reply to address at entry or if an email can be updated at entry.


GP Email Setup


You can add email address for your vendor/customers separately on their respective card or the user can select the “Vendor Setup” (or Customer Setup in the Sales Series).  From the Vendor Setup window you can access the Vendor Maintenance window.  First, select your vendor id.  Next select the globe icon on the “Address ID” line.


MS Dyn GP Email Setup


The globe icon will open the “Internet Information” window which will allow the user to select the proper Address ID and then in the “E-mail Addresses” section to place a To, Cc, or Bcc email address to the ID.  Once done entering email address hit save.


MS Dynamics GP Email Setup


This updating of email address can be performed in a similar fashion for Customers as well if the user were to work through the Sales Series in the same manner.

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