Tip: Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics GP

by the TrinSoft Dynamics GP Team


Prior to GP 2013, workflow and approvals were kept outside of the GP database in either Business Portal or within the SharePoint function.  With the release of GP 2013, workflow was embedded in the system. End users are now able to create individual workflows or approval processes. 


What Is Workflow and How Does It Work?

Workflow is a tool to track and monitor documents as they move through GP; the workflow tool will track who can approve a document, under what conditions, next steps, checklists, etc.


With the new Workflow tool, users have the ability to create assignments with a due date and time by which the task must be completed.  Assigned tasks can be delegated to other users by task or by setting up automatic delegations.


A workflow can be assigned a “time limit” for a task to be completed.  In using the Workflow Calendar, a user can assign due dates and times and include standard working hours, holidays, non-working times, etc.  When the calendar is setup, these non-working periods will not count against the time limit to complete the task.  For example, if a task is assigned a time limit of 4 hours and is assigned at 4:30pm, and the company’s standard working hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, then the due date and time to complete the task would be 11:30am the next day.


The Workflow tool also provide a history window to view and track historical workflow documents which can also be used as an audit trail.  This would include any actions taken on the workflow, any actions that are pending, and any comments associated with the action.


Types of Workflows

By default, there are a several types of workflows that can be created:


-          Purchase order approval

-          Purchase requisition approval

-          Project timesheets approval

-          Payroll timecard approval


A workflow process can be created around each of these document types


How Do I Setup Workflow?


To access the Workflow Maintenance, Calendar or E-mail Message Setup follow the path as shown below.  (Dynamics GP >> Setup >> Company >> Workflow)


Workflows in Dynamics GP


These same windows can also be accessed by selecting “Administration” from the Navigation pane then under the “Setup” window under “Company” then under “Workflow” you have the same options for Workflow Maintenance, Calendar or E-mail Message Setup.


Workflows in GP


Below is a sample from the Email Message Setup.  These emails can be setup and manipulated as needed.


Dynamics GP Workflows


The image below shows the Workflow Calendar setup window.  Within this window a user can select work hours. For example, if their business hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3pm on Fridays.  A user can also specify certain “Non-Work” Days that are specific to their company policy.


Workflows in Dynamics GP


The Workflow Maintenance window is where a user begins to set their workflow processes and steps.  A user first will set the series type and then select “New Workflow”.


GP Workflows


Now the user can set the workflow name, description, type, options for who can approve/delegate and what actions to perform when a task is overdue.


Workflows in GP


Save the workflow and then select “New Step”.


Dynamics GP Workflows


Next, the user can name the new step, provide a description, and set the step type (either approval or task).  If the step type is approval, then a user must give their approval for the workflow to continue.  If the step type is task, then a user must complete a procedure for the workflow to continue.  Additionally, the user will need to select an order if the workflow contains more than one step.  Conditions are then set along with assignments and time limit to complete the task.  Save the step once finalized.


GP Workflows


Repeat as needed for additional steps or levels of approvals.


Once the steps are complete and the workflow is ready to be implemented be sure to activate the workflow by putting a checkmark in the “Active” box on the main workflow level.


Workflows in GP

How am I notified of a Workflow Task/Action?

The workflow tool allows for email notifications and has the ability to provide links directly to the document or task assigned.  An email can be sent to users to notify them that a workflow action has been assigned to them for a document (Workflow Assignment Notification).  Or, an email can be sent to users to notify them that an action has been taken against their document (Workflow Action Notification).

To ensure that email notification is setup properly in GP follow the path below:

Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Setup >> System >> Workflow Setup


Workflows in Dynamics GP


How do I approve a workflow?

To approve a workflow assignment, an approver can either go to where the workflow was created (for example purchase requisition screen) or the approver can use the List Views and look to approve, reject, or delegate as needed.


GP Workflows


Depending on setup, users could also take action on the request through the email notifications.

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