Workflow 4.0 in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Dynamics GP 2018 introduces the new Workflow 4.0 engine, which includes features such as e-mail reminders and reporting.

Workflow 4.0

  • Reminder emails for Workflow 
  • Copy Workflow Step
  • Reporting for Workflow  
  • Payables Transaction Workflow – additional fields
  • GP PO Workflow Messages - additional fields 
  • Add EFT/Bank Details to Vendor Approval Workflow 
  • GL Account Workflow Approval 
  • Purchase Receiving Workflow
  • Purchase Enter/Match Invoice Workflow

Reminder Emails

This enhancement lets you set a reminder time period on the workflow that’s used to notify users if they haven’t reacted to their assigned workflow task within the specified time frame.

  • Add reminder functionality to workflow
  • Reuse existing messages and modify with reminder comment


Reminder Emails GP 2018


Copy Workflow Step

This enhancement adds efficiency to the process of setting up workflows by enabling you to copy steps within a workflow, renaming the step and including substeps to a workflow.

  • Copy a step within a workflow
  • Option to rename new step
  • Option to include sub workflow steps


Copy Workflow Step GP 2018

Reporting for Workflow

A new workflow history report has been added for GP 2018. The report can be filtered by workflow type, workflow approvers, workflow status, and by the approval date. The option to include workflow comments on the report is also available.

  • Workflow History Report available
  • Filter by workflow type, workflow approvers, workflow status, approval date
  • Include workflow comments on report as option

Reporting for Workflow GP 2018

Payables Transactions Workflow - Additional Fields

  • Add additional vendor fields when mark extended fields list

–Vendor Account

–Comment 1

–Comment 2

–Vendor Class ID

–Payment Priority

  • Added to workflow message also


Payables Transactions Workflow in GP 2018

Purchase Order Workflow Messages

  • Add account description to email workflow message
  • Purchase Order Workflow Message
  • Purchase Requisition Workflow Message


Purchase Order Workflow Messages GP 2018


Add EFT/Bank Details to Vendor Approval Workflows

Additional information is now included in the Vendor approval workflow that shows the bank that the vendor uses for electronic funds transfers (EFT). To use the new field, mark it in the Extended fields list option in the Work Maintenance window, and then add it to the workflow in the Workflow Condition Editor. These extended fields are all the EFT banking fields that can be set up on the vendor for EFT information. They include the country, bank name, bank account, and SWIFT code.

  • Additional fields available for Vendor workflow in Workflow Condition Editor
  • Included in Extended Fields
  • Vendor EFT Bank fields from SY0600 – Electronic Funds Transfer Master
  • Add the fields to the Vendor Approval Workflow message


Add EFT Bank Details to Vendor Approval Workflows GP 2018

GL Account Workflow

New workflows have been added to control the addition of general ledger accounts, purchase receivings transactions and purchasing invoices. The workflow for general ledger accounts can be initiated from any area of the system for any new accounts, or for any accounts that are in a workflow state, for example when an account has been edited, but not yet approved.

  • New Workflow for GL Account
  • Email message for GL Account 
  • Used throughout the system


GL Account Workflow


Receiving Transactions Workflow

  • New Workflow for Purchase Receiving Transactions
  • Email message for Purchase Receiving Workflow


Receiving Transactions Workflow


Purchasing Invoice Workflow

  • New Workflow for Purchasing Invoice
  • Email message for Purchasing Invoice


Purchasing Invoice Workflow

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