Attend My GPUG Summit Nashville Breakout Session on October 11, 4:15 PM Room Bayou C

by John Stucky

What are your plans October 10-13, 2017? If you haven’t registered yet, I invite you to join me at GPUG Summit Nashville and to also attend my session, Integration Best Practices. GPUG Summit is THE go-to conference that brings industry experts, software development vendors, and everyday users together to discuss important issues, trends, product updates, customer pain points, and genuine solutions. The value of GPUG Summit is endless!

The breakout session I’ll be leading will teach users Integration Best Practices. Information systems are more connected than ever before. Integrating with Dynamics GP is a critical task and helps to eliminate data entry. We will show three specific best practices to enable your integrations to execute faster, provide an excellent audit trail and be able to be fully automated. Dynamics GP offers a lot of integration options such as web services, eConnect, Direct Data Access, Integration Manager, XML Ports, and more. We will review all of them, identify pros and cons, and enable you to use them with best practice models.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to create an integration model that provides for faster execution, complete audit trail and can be fully automated
  • Understand the different integration options available with Dynamics GP and pros & cons of each
  • Learn the top 5 challenges to integrations and how to handle each of them

In addition to my breakout session, you can find many, many more valuable topics of learning. All sessions are hand-crafted by our Programming Committee based on submissions from the Dynamics GP community. There’s no better instructor than an actual Dynamics GP user, and that’s what makes GPUG Summit unique.

View the entire breakout session schedule online here. Remember, content is the king of GPUG Summit.

Contact Tara Cox at for registration information.

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