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Top 6 Considerations for Cloud vs. On-Premise: #6 Bandwidth


With so much discussion and debate about whether to use cloud or on-premise solutions, it can be difficult to decide. In this new blog & video series, I'm helping narrow down the top 6 things to consider before making this important decision for your business. Today, I'm covering Consideration #6: Bandwidth.

#6 Bandwidth

Have you ever tried to download a file and been stuck waiting what feels like forever? We’ve all been there. Low bandwidth can be a serious problem when you factor in a large number of employees sharing the same network. Sometimes cloud solutions don’t offer enough bandwidth, especially when it comes to uploading larger files such as videos. However, creative solutions are helping to address this issue. Outbound bandwidth is another consideration—some cloud providers let you move everything onto their servers, but it may not be so easy to get it back out. On the other hand, in-house servers are only limited by your internal network’s infrastructure, and you always have access since it’s onsite. On-premise solutions may cause other issues, though. To decide what’s right for your business, consult an expert and discuss your current and future needs to find something that is flexible and scalable enough to grow with your organization. 

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All of these considerations should be reviewed in-depth before making a decision. TrinSoft exists to help your company use technology to be more efficient and profitable. If you have questions about cloud versus on-premise, please contact me directly. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have or review options and alternatives.

Download the "Top 6 Considerations for Cloud vs. On-Premise" whitepaper.

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