Tip: Vendor Combiner & Modifier in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In some cases, there is a need to combine two vendors into a single vendor. For instance, if two vendors were set up independently but should only be a single vendor, and both have open or historical documents.

Additionally, you may want to rename a vendor to streamline your vendor list or correct a typo.

With the Vendor Combiner and Modifier Utility, you can perform these functions.

As with any master record manipulation, it’s recommended to have a restorable backup of the company database before making any changes.


In the purchasing area page, under utilities, open Vendor Combiner and Modifier.


Vendor Combiner


Make sure the Vendor Combiner button is selected.

You will notice there is a field for an import file, you can use this if you are doing mass changes. Otherwise, you can select a Source Vendor ID and Destination Vendor ID. 

  • Source Vendor ID – This Vendor ID is removed from the system after the process is run and all records from this vendor will be combined into the Destination Vendor ID.
  • Destination Vendor ID – This is the Vendor ID that the records will be combined into and will remain in GP going forward.

You can select just one Source and Destination Vendor at a time, or you can run multiple at a time using the scrolling window.


Vendor Combiner


When the process is finished, you have the option of keeping a Report of the changes that were made for reference.

As previously mentioned, if you need to combine a large set of vendors, you can use the import file function.

The first thing you will need to do is create a two column Excel sheet with the first column being the Source Vendor ID, and the second column being the Destination Vendor ID. Save this file as a .CSV file.

In the Vendor Combiner and Modifier window, select the Import File folder, and browse to your .CSV file. When it’s selected, Validate the file.


Vendor Combiner


The Validate button will verify the following:

  • Each source vendor exists in GP
  • Each destination vendor exists in GP
  • The same vendor is not set as both source and destination
  • The same currency ID is assigned to both source and destination vendors

If the file passes the validation, you will get a popup to verify it was successful.


Vendor Combiner


Choose process, and the file will process in GP and print out a report for reference.

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