Tip: Document Attach in Microsoft Dynamics GP

A new enhanced feature with GP 2013 is the ability to attach scanned documents.  Anywhere a window-, transaction-, or record-level note can be added, a document can now be attached.   

The first thing that a user will want to review is the setup within Dynamics GP.  To do this follow the path Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Document Attachment Setup


Document Attach


The following window will open where the user will need to set a few selections.  First, check the box next to “Allow Document Attachments”.  A user has the ability to change the Max file size which is defaulted to max at 999.99 Megabytes.  A decision will need to be made if attached documents can be deleted and if a password will be required to do so. 

Next, check the box/boxes next to any of the modules where the attachment will be allowed to flow from the Customer-, Item-, or Vendor-Maintenance Master record to the transaction documents.  (Note that this can vary by module to either “flow” or “not flow” down to the transaction level.)  It is important to note that if documents are already attached at a master or record level and then changes are made within the setup window that these changes will only take effect on NEW documents added after the change is selected.  Any documents already in the system or at the master or record level will not be impacted by the changes to the setup window.

Finally, the user will need to decide if they want to enable the ability to “Send Attachments in email”.  Once all selections are made select the “OK” button.

(see the image below)


Document Attach


Once setup is complete the user is ready to start attaching documents!  There are two ways to attach documents:

Option 1 – select the “Attach” icon    from one of the entry windows


Option 2 – select the OLE note as in the past



Then select the paper clip icon.




Either option will get you to the following window.  First, click attach in the bottom right hand corner.  Next, navigate to where your scanned document is saved, and select “Open”, this will add the document to the table.  Note that pending the selections made in the “Document Attach Setup” window various columns (right side middle of the screen) will be checked or not depending on if flow/not flow and email were selected.  Finally, select OK in the upper left corner to save the settings.


Document Attach


Note, that a user also has the ability to “Preview” the document that was attached.

If a user mistakenly attaches a document and needs to delete it (assuming that either password is not enforced or the user knows the security password) then the user will need to navigate to the attached document, highlight the row by clicking on the file name and then selecting the “delete row” button as shown.


Document Attach


A warning menu will come up to ensure that the user does want the row deleted.


Document Attach


Enter the security password (if that function was enabled in the setup) and select Ok.  Once completed the row will be removed from the “Active” tab and will now be seen on the “Deleted” tab.


Document Attach


Once a document is attached it can also be emailed directly from the “Entry” window.  To email an attached document select the “Actions” button and then “Select Attachments to Send in Email”


Document Attach


Next select the attachment/s to email and select OK.


Document Attach


Next select “Email” from the action bar.


Document Attach


Or, the user has the ability to email from the print window.


Document Attach


Please be aware that this native document attach feature in Dynamics GP 2013 is very basic and somewhat limited.  If you or your company are looking for a more robust and efficient document scanning, email, & attaching feature please be sure to check out TrinDocs at

TrinDocs is a document management and workflow solution that automates the routing, storage and retrieval of documents and transactions for any organization. TrinDocs integrates seamlessly with virtually any business software. 



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